Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Last Night

(This was supposed to be my entry to the annual university literary awards years ago. Too bad I was too lazy to submit it before.)


The pale moonlight finally showed its face after hours and hours of rain. As the strong winds, boisterous thunders and frightening lightning ceased, the moon’s borrowed light from the sun finally made the once-so-dark room brighter.

He finally smiled upon seeing the moonlight fill the bedroom. “Never was a fan of the rain… never will be,” he uttered to himself. Lying down on the cream-colored queen-sized bed with small blue pillows, he decided to get up and fix himself a cup of coffee. But the man embracing him hugged him tighter once he moved a little, like a mouse slowly trying to get the cheese from a set-up trap. He looked at the man; groaned because he wanted something to drink, yet smiled upon seeing the face of the man still sleeping. Those eyelashes of gold, cheekbones high and thin pink lips appeared more beautiful than before, with the help of the moonlight giving that soft light, as it seemingly gazed at the couple through the bedroom window.

The scene was too much romantic for him to want it to stop, but he badly needed his caffeine fix. Gently, he tried to get out of bed, and unintentionally woke the man up.

“Carl?” the man asked, slowly opening his almond-shaped eyes, looking for him.
“Here.” He said, reaching for the man’s glasses on top of the brown antique desk near the bed. The man reached for the glasses, but he quickly placed it behind him, trying to hide it from the man. He suddenly never craved for coffee anymore. He just wanted the man to hug him again, but this time, tighter than before. And the man did, knowing that this was what he wanted.

The tight hugs turned to massive tickles, which eventually led to passionate kisses. As he was on top of him, he suddenly felt the urge to get up. The man tried to grab him back, but he got off the bed. He hastily went to the bathroom. The man just sighed and reached for his pack of cigarettes.

He looked at his reflection from the bathroom mirror. Just a few seconds later, teardrops fell down his cheeks. He hurriedly wiped off those tears, washed his face, looked again in the mirror, and waited for the redness of his eyes to go away. He could not hide the weariness coming from his eyes staring back at him. He remembered; after this, this blissful moment, he will be alone. Again.

He saw the man watching TV once he stepped out of the bathroom. A pained smile showed from the man’s face as his right hand tried to reach for his left hand. The man pointed towards the TV screen. He giggled. It was Spongebob, the only one thing that he enjoyed watching. Laughter once again reverberated throughout the room.

As time passed by, silence enveloped the room, with just the TV breaking the solitary atmosphere surrounding it. While both were on the bed, one broke the silence.

“Will you wait for me?” tears began to fall his eyes. The man never answered. Instead, he reached for his hand once again, caressed it, and placed it on his chest. He rested his head on the man’s chest, and teardrops fell on the man’s hand. The man noticed and quickly wiped the tears off. In their faces was plastered a pained smile as they stared blankly on one corner of the room, where his packed bags and suitcases were placed.

The moon shyly went away as thunder and lightning came back. Outside the room, the once quiet streets and trees once again had to endure the heavy pours of rain, the wind’s tantrums.

The rain didn’t stop. It never will.


  1. u know what... u should quit putting ur entry on Facebook!!!! just post a link of ur blog!!!!

    nice piece. PIECE of SHIT pala eh... hahaha.

  2. will be doing that when i have 10 blog posts. :)