Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a simple personal ad

With this month being February and all, and with the nauseating love and other related emotions in the air, I have decided to end my year-long romantic hiatus. While it is convenient to live life alone and with the inner peace that being single brings, it doesn’t hurt to have someone else tell you you’re beautiful even if you no longer have two molars, and will cook something for you when you’re hungry but you don’t want to lift a finger. I know, hiring a maid is easier, but having a boyfriend would cost less. And so I'm looking for some guy who would not only fulfill my high school kilig fantasies, but would also help me clean up my lifetime mess.

Now because of that, I have come up with a short list (haha!) of who he should be (good luck B).

I'm just looking for someone...

-who is not from the medical field (have had it with nurses. they're weird. :-D)

-who believes in long-distance relationships, and would like to have one (X-D)

-who does not fuck other guys but me.

-who stands taller than 5'5" and weighs more than 125 pounds (i want my dude tall and huge).

-who breathes and eats art (have no clue what I'm tryin to say here. slap me.).

-who listens to basil valdez, the all-american rejects and madonna at the same time.

-who is ridiculously handsome but does not know what shu uemura is.

-who must have acne scars and stretchmarks, but does not give a fuck about his (and my :-D) imperfections.

-who knows english so well that he can edit my trashy pieces, from bulletin posts, to blog entries, to literary stuff.

There's actually more but yeah, we have to wake up and stop dreaming. :-)

Interested applicants may contact me through telepathy.


  1. I almost fit the lists 'cept for.... uhmmm.. everything. hahahhaa.

  2. ur page gives me the creeps... it's not gay enough for me. hahahahaha